A Well Built Custom Home

Will Enhance Your Beachfront Views and Enjoyment

Life At The Beach

Have you found the perfect beachfront property where the location and the scenic views are all you could ever want?

What if there is no home on that slice of paradise? Or what if the existing home doesn’t meet your standards or needs?

You know exactly what you want, and an ordinary cookie-cutter beach house is not it! You want a custom-built beachfront home to fully enjoy living with the ocean as a front yard.

Custom-built Beachfront Property Constructed by Tampa Bay Builder
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Beautiful Beachfront House Constructed by Tampa Bay Custom Home Builder

Pursuing The Perfect Beach House

Depending on the beach-front property chosen, your home may need to be built from the ground up unless remodeling or adding additions are possibilities. Only you can decide your best options based on your budget, time constraints, and personal taste.

Whatever is decided, you will need an  experienced custom builder to answer your questions and guide you through the process for a smooth worry free experience.

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GRW Construction Corporation

Gary Ward founded GRW Construction Corporation in 1981 to build custom beachfront and waterfront homes in the Tampa Bay area.

GRW also specializes in remodeling and extensive home additions in the $100,000 range and upwards.

Gary and his team look forward to meeting you and learning about your plans for a custom beachfront home. Every aspect will be personally supervised to ensure your project is completed on time and on budget.

“Our main business is the people business. Every project is built as if we were building it for family.”

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Sunrise on a Custom-built Home in Tampa Bay

Life Can Be A Day At The Beach

You and your family and friends will gain years of comfort and enjoyment from your custom designed beachfront home.

Don’t wait any longer, call (813) 546-0941 or click on “Request An Estimate” and start planning your life at the beach.

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Jim G.

"Absolutly the best in the business. Kept the project moving, did outstanding quality work, and communicated with us every step of the way. Highly recommend. Fair and HONEST!"

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Custom Beachfront Home Builder Tampa Bay

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