Maximize Your Hillsborough County Location

With A Builder Who Specializes in Custom & Luxury Builds

Are you planning on building a home in the Tampa Bay area? Do you find the numerous location possibilities in Hillsborough County? Or if you already have your location, the best choices for maximizing your space?

Hillsborough County is situated in West Central Florida and is bordered on the west by both Tampa Bay and the Gulf of Mexico.

The Hillsborough and Alafia Rivers are major county waterways along with many charming lakes, and natural springs. All together there are 246 miles covered by water in Hillsborough County.

Your Perfect Location in Hillsborough County

Whether you select a beachfront location on the Gulf, or any other county-wide location, you will want to take full advantage of your location options when you build your dream home.

You have put in the time to find the ideal location for your home; now selecting a builder is the most important decision you can make to bring your dreams to life.

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Sarah A.

"Gary was great through the whole experience and helped first time renovations go smoothly."

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GRW Construction Builds Waterfront Homes

GRW Construction was established in 1981 by Gary Ward tol build homes in the greater Tampa Bay area. He specializes in custom and luxury beachfront and waterfront homes, as well as extensive home additions and remodeling projects from $100,000 up.

GRW Construction will work from your plans or provide design services upon request.

The entire team at GRW Construction looks forward to meeting and working with you. Gary personally supervises each aspect of every project.

“Every project is built as if we were building for family.”

Enjoying Your Luxurious Waterfront Home

You and your family can expect years of comfort and enjoyment in your exclusive new residence. Don’t wait any longer to achieve  the home of your dreams. Call (813) 546-0941 or click on “Request an Estimate” to get started now.

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