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Luxury has a different meaning to everyone, so your idea of a luxurious  home will probably be entirely different from others.

Your specific ideas about a home, its functions, and its style are unique to you alone. A cookie cutter design will never satisfy an individual like you.

Your choice of luxury amenities may require only natural products rather than engineered or manmade elements. Marble, granite, travertine, and real wood may top your list. A personal spa, soaker tub and sauna may be must have luxury items for you.

Your lifestyle may even require all of  those luxurious amenities and more.

GRW Line
GRW Line

If your choice of property happens to be a beachfront or waterfront location, you may have other luxury requirements in order to maximize your views and outdoor enjoyment.

You may want a brand-new home from the ground up, or perhaps a remodel or an addition to an existing structure to add more luxury features.

You have so many choices when you decide to build your dream home. Chances are you already know the features you want to  include, but how much time, and investment will be required to make your dream a reality?

Those questions can best be answered by an experienced builder. Whatever your choice of luxury amenities you will want a builder who fully understands your own unique taste, style, and needs. The builder you choose is the most important step to assure your individual requirements are fulfilled.

You require a builder with skill, experience, references, and great customer service to build your luxury home.

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Serving Tampa Bay for 40 Years

Gary Ward founded GRW Construction Corporation in 1981 for the purpose of specializing in luxury homes in the Tampa Bay area.

GRW Construction builds new homes from the ground up and also accepts custom home additions and remodeling projects from the $100,000 range upwards.

With forty years’ experience in home building, the GRW team has the skills and expertise needed to take your dreams from drawing board to reality. You will experience excellent customer service with GRW.

“Our main business is the people business. Every project is built as if we were building it for family.”

The GRW team will work with your plans or provide a design service at your request. Gary will personally supervise each aspect of your luxury home build.


Enjoying Your Luxury Home

You, your family, and friends are sure to make many enjoyable memories in your luxurious new home. You will enjoy peace of mind and take pride in knowing you have wisely invested your time and resources by building your dream home with GRW Construction Corporation.

Don’t wait any longer, call (813) 546-0941 or click on “Request an Estimate” on this page.

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Drs. Robert and Deidra Woods

"We are writing in regard to our Builder, Mr. Gary Ward of GRW Construction, Inc., who was highly recommended by our Architect. Initially, he met with us at our residence arriving on time. A portfolio detailing his work and background was quite impressive. He sat down with us and meticulously examined each room on the plans answering questions concisely and in a manner that we as lay people could understand. His attention to detail and superb ability to communicate helped us overcome an initial sense of anxiety.

Another important point is that various options were offered and clarified upon our request for Change Orders. This allowed a fine tuning of architectural plans which only a builder can place in proper perspective. Also, it was only after a change order was completed that payment became due. Here is just one example reflecting his trust and kindness toward clients. Additionally, time and again the subcontractors affirmed his honesty and integrity. This was especially comforting to us.

Mr. Ward has indeed assembled a competent and reliable group of subcontractors. From an organizational standpoint, work proceeded in a most efficient manner, saving a great deal of time and money.

We hope that these notations will serve as a general evaluation of the work performed. We certainly welcome Mr. Ward's potential clients to view our home.

In closing, heart warming thanks go to you, Gary, for bringing a reality to far reaching dreams and aspiration!"

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